White House Situation Room

The Situation Room was created in 1961 on the order of President John F. Kennedy after the failure of the Bay of Pigs invasion was attributed to a lack of real-time information. The room has secure communications systems built into it and the walls contain wood panels that hide different audio, video and other systems.The Situation Room staff is organized around five Watch Teams that monitor domestic and international events. Each Watch Team includes three Duty Officers, a communications assistant, and an intelligence analyst, though the number and composition of the teams may vary, depending on shift requirements and workload. Delegates in the WHSR will have to handle the fast pace of events and crises thrown at them, while at the same time trying to ensure that America doesn’t remain polarized. The American public believed in Donald Trump and elected him to the highest office of the land. This is when he earns his stripes. Are you up to the task?

Background Guide

Executive Board

Introducing the Executive Board for the White House Situation Room!
Agenda: Continuous Crisis Committee

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