AEGIS 2020

2020 - The vanquishing of ISIS and the removal of Assad left the door open for democracy and peace for Syria. Or so we thought. It seemed that it would turn out differently this time. But the resistance to the Western Powers still persisted. So, the US government turned to Aegis World, A private military company to fight its wars. As their role in the Middle East grew, so did the company as it consumed every other competitor. It was untouchable. Or so they thought.
As the Board of Directors for the single largest private military company, you will need to tread the hard road in hopes that the company is back on track. With the incumbent President in the US far from assured of success in his quest for re-election, the only ally you have is yourself. As the Board of Directors for Aegis International, you have one job. Make sure the house of cards you built doesn’t come crashing down. The stakes have never been higher. What will you do?

Background Guide

Executive Board

Introducing the Executive Board of AEGIS 2020!
Agenda: Discussing Operations in MENA (Middle East North Africa) (Continuous Crisis Committee)

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